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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
  Don't touch my SOB!
We don't care if he's an SOB, as long as he's our SOB. - U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson
Peter Chalk and Christine Fair writes in the latest Terrorism Monitor published by The Jamestown Foundation which exactly symbolizes the American attitude towards their present SOB - Pakistani-based terror groups and their military masters.
Second is what Pakistan-based analysts describe as the GOP’s adoption of a “moderated jihad” strategy, which has involved the imposition of tighter limits upon Islamists seeking to operate in J&K and the Indian hinterland. In large part, pursuit of this calibrated approach stems from external compulsions that became increasingly prominent in the wake of the JeM- (and possibly LeT-) backed assault on the Indian National Parliament (Lok Sabba) in December 2001. Prompting a yearlong standoff with Delhi, this attack brought Pakistan’s policy of proxy warfare under renewed scrutiny
WTF is a "moderated jihad"? Does it mean daily limits of number of innocent civilians underwritten by Washington?
According to commentators in Islamabad, the strategy of a moderated jihad approach has acted as a double-edged sword for Pakistan. On the positive side, it has significantly reduced international pressure on the GOP as well as allowed Musharraf to continue the peace process with Delhi while simultaneously giving him the option of resuming militant activities should negotiations collapse or fail to produce tangible results.
Let's do some very brief selective timeline on Musharraf's moves: September 2001: Musharraf does a U-turn and supposedly stops supporting the Taliban regime, vows crackdown on terrorists/training camps operating in Pakistan. Dec 13 2001: Suicide attack on Indian parliament by JeM and LeT terrorists. Fast forward. Nov 2004-Feb 2005: Mohammad Sidique Khan in a posthumusly released video taped when he was actively collaborating with Al-Queda in Pakistan. Feb 2005: Shehzhad Tanweer still attends terror camp in Pakistan before blowing up himself in a London tube. Jul 7 2005: London tube attacks. Musharraf vows to crack down on terror training madrassahs. Oct 29 2005: Delhi market attacks. Musharraf voews to crack down if given proof.
Analysts within Pakistan similarly reject the notion of a globalized LeT, noting that Lashkar is one of the more ideologically unified groups that has fought in J&K, and is therefore not as prone to the type of wider, non-Kashmiri metastasization that JeM and HuJI have undergone. They also point out that there is currently no evidence to substantiate claims about LeT’s supposed internationalist activities, further arguing that anti-Western rhetoric is nothing new and certainly not something that has translated into assaults outside J&K and India. Yet it is important to stress that LeT does not have to be global to be of great significance for South Asia and beyond.
First of all it is sickening to note that this analysis condones the attack of LeT in Jammu and Kashmir and India. Further more, it conveniently ignores the arrest of LeT terror suspects in the Virgiania paint ball case, Australian nuclear installation case, links to Jema Islamiayaa, among other things. This is nothing but dishonest journalism. Are they appeasing LeT so as not to attack American interests?
Beyond these national considerations, the various machinations of JeM, HuJI and LeT have significantly complicated Islamabad’s external relations. This is particularly the case in relation to India, which has repeatedly portrayed Pakistan as a bastion of Islamist extremism that poses a fundamental threat to the stability of South Asia and even the world.
The United States started the Global Offense Against Terror (aka G.O.A.T.) after the 9/11 attacks. It attacked Afghanistan and overthrew the Taliban regime for harboring the Al-Queda leadership. Further, it initiated Operation Iraqi Liberation (aka O.I.L.) on the pretext of WMDs and Saddam's links to Al-Queda. But the terror groups operating out of Pakistan responsible for the death of countless Indian citizens should be considered merely as an embarrasement for the Pakistani military government. Why this double standard? Answer: The SOB theory. The Pakistani government has been designatd by the United States as a Major Non-NATO Ally (aka M.u.N.N.A ) with offers of advanced weapns system. This article highlights the attitude of the United States towards Pakistani terror clearly.
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