terror in delhi 10/29
Saturday, November 05, 2005
  GP does some spanking
G. Parthasarathy former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan writes in the Outlook:
Some years ago a former Director General of the ISI was asked at a Seminar in Islamabad what the principal objective of the ISI was. He replied: "Our aim is to weaken India from within and we can do it". While most Indians wrongly believe that the main aim of the ISI is to seek Pakistani control of Jammu & Kashmir, the ISI has a larger agenda. Its aim is to see the disintegration of India, so that Pakistan can emerge as the most powerful entity in the subcontinent. This is sought to be achieved by aiding separatist movements across India and using our other neighbours like Nepal and Bangladesh to infiltrate terrorist elements operating not just in Kashmir, but also in Punjab and our northeastern states.
No shit. The ISI and the jihadis are two sides of the same coin.
The UPA government/ must take a substantial measure of blame for giving the impression in Pakistan and indeed internationally that the so called "peace process" will continue uninterrupted even if Pakistan continues promoting terrorism. The Communist allies of the UPA government must take an equal share of the blame as the only occasion that they condemn terrorist violence is when one of their leaders like Mohammed Tarigami is attacked. The thoughtless and populist repeal of POTA at a time when countries across the world are making their terrorist laws more stringent reflects the actions of a government that just does not understand the seriousness of the terrorist challenge we face. Further, ever since the UPA government assumed office there has been a reluctance to strongly make our resentment known to the world community about the dangerous dimensions of continuing cross-border terrorism. We seem to believe that continuing the dialogue process with Pakistan at any cost is more important than exposing Pakistan's continuing support for terrorism.
This is indeed what we stated about avoiding peace at all cost. In addition to the commie infested UPA government, we would also like to add the Indian media to the culprit list. It is latter which constantly reprimanded the previous NDA government for their tough stance (albeit with some limits) against terror and enactment of the anti-terror POTA law. No wonder some bloggers like to call them the Desi Dork Media or DDM ™ .
There are no shortcuts to dealing with Pakistan. Tough new anti-terrorism laws have to be enacted making gruesome acts of terrorism punishable with a mandatory death sentence. We should repay Pakistan in kind for acts of terrorism it perpetrates on our soil. More importantly, a clear message needs to be sent to the world community and particularly to the United States that unless groups like the Lashkar-e-Taiba that are now establishing a strong presence in POK through their relief work for earthquake victims, are effectively banned and their Headquarters in Muridhke shut down, we will not discuss the Kashmir issue with Pakistan.
Atlast, finally someone from the Indian Diplomatic Corps is talking hardball. Without such threats (even on paper), the jihadis and their Pakistani Army masters could dare to push the pigs into our territory to wreck havoc. A few simltaneous uprisings from the Baloch and Sindi (the real freedom fighers!) brothers against the Pakistani-Punjabi dominated military-feudal establishment will make them feel the pinch.
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