terror in delhi 10/29
Thursday, November 03, 2005
  Has the Indian media finally breaking the glass cieling?
Nitin Pai writes about this Indian Express editorial:
It took an attack on New Delhi for the Indian Express to say this. For the writing has been on the wall for quite some time.
Earlier, we had pointed to another forceful, hardhitting editorial from the Times of India demanding strong action from the Indian Government after the Dehi blasts.
This is an act of war, doesn’t matter that it’s not been officially declared as one. It calls for a scale and intensity of response comparable to London’s, where the number of deaths was actually fewer than Delhi’s and far, far fewer than Mumbai’s in 1993. This paper has consistently waged a war for peace, and we remain committed to that path. But it’s equally clear that peace cannot be a one-way road. There are indications that the perpetrators of the serial blasts may have been schooled in jihadi hatred on Pakistani soil.
We had also noted that the Hindustan Times concluded:
What we need to do now is to reiterate the country’s resolve to fight and win the war against terrorism, with any country or countries willing to ally with us, or alone if necessary.
And the Daily Pioneer referred to the Delhi attacks as Black Saturday:
Allowing the terror strike to dampen the Diwali spirit would mean signalling victory for those who have nothing but contempt for human lives and yet claim to be 'holy warriors'. This battle against terror must be won, we cannot afford to lose it. That would mean goading the state into action; the time for that has arrived.
Ofcourse, the editorials from the Daily Pioneer and the Hindustan Times is no surprise since these papers have been consistently been arguing that appeasement is no solution to terror. So what made the top-selling newspapers ToI and IE make forceful arguements against terror this time. We believe that this time the feeling is genuine among the English Language Media (ELM) elite. If so, what is different this time? One explanation is that this time the terrorist acts touched directly the Indian people and that too during the festival season. So, one may conclude that the media reaction is a honest reflection of the anger that has been generated among the Indian public. Some of the reaction of people has been highlighted here in ToI:
He says, wake up Manmohan Singh. Give it back to them the same way they have done it to us. For God sake, rise, do it now, for we must save innocent lives.
It is high time we realize that it is foolish to think that Pakistan's military establishment and fundamentalists will ever change their thinking. They are jealous of the progress we have made.
But, we suspect that there might be another reason which served as a wake-up call for ELM elite. As much as Paharganj and Saroni Nagar markets are middle-class shopping hangouts, they are probably equally frequented by these very media elites and their families. In addition, these markets might also be frequented by the Babus in the South Block (policy wonks who author India's Foreign Policy). So when terror shook these people in close proximity, it probably had a change in attitude. Ofcourse, the Indian Express might still give column space to Candle Kissers such as Kuldip Nayar and Pradeep Bhanu Mehta. We urge that the Indian blogosphere has a responsibilty in following up the editorial spaces of these newspapers and remind them if they get back to the 'Peace at all cost' mantra. Since this blogger lives far away from India, we urge readers from India to point to us the reaction of the media elites in television talk shows, reportages, etc.
Responding to the call on Little Green Foodballs.

I have friends in Safdarjung and Railway Hospital, Paharganj who are treating victims. I tried to talk to the victims, but the Senior Doctors asked me to give some time before they get discharged. I plan to run a story as told by the victims themselves soon in a week or so (as long as it take for them to be discharged).

Meanwhile, keep up the great work!

Jagan @ http://jagan.biz
Thanks! We would really appreciate your efforts.
Hi nerd,

I've created a button depicting the black ribbon. You can post it on your blog for others to use. Or may be suggest others to come up with more blog buttons that we can use to support the cause.


keep it up!

Thanks bd! We have linked your button.
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