terror in delhi 10/29
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
  Inside Lashkar-e-Toiba
Rediff has put out two organizational charts of the Lashkar-e-Toiba. It is a Pakistan-based group closely linked with al-Queda and has been designated as a terrorist group both by the Indian Government and the United States Department of State.
The Delhi police is convinced that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, the Pakistan-based terrorist organisation, is responsible for the multiple blasts in the capital on October 29, which killed 63 people and injurd hundreds more.

Delhi Police Commissioner Dr K K Paul alleges that Tariq Ahmad Dar, an executive at Johnson and Johnson, provided the funds for the operation. The Delhi police claims that two other Laskhar activists -- Abu Alqama and Abu Hafiza -- also played important roles in the dastardly conspiracy.

Counter terror officials further assert:

Shabtai Shavit, former director general of Israel's external intelligence agency Mossad, spoke recently about the linkages between Al Qaeda and the Lashkar in the context of the international fight against terrorism.

Pakistan expert and rediff.com columnist B Raman, who keeps a close watch on the Lashkar, feels, "It is as dangerous as Al Qaeda."

"It is a pan-Islamic terrorist organisation, which is the most important member of the International Islamic Front after Al Qaeda. It describes J&K as the gateway to India and after 'liberating' J&K, it wants to 'liberate' Muslims in the rest of India," adds Raman.

"It is under close surveillance by Western countries and Australia," says Raman, who has served at India's external intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing. "Its involvement in the Delhi blasts, if proved, would be an indicator of its determination to spread jihadi activities in other parts of India."

More on LeT's chief Hafiz Mohammed Saeed and the 'charity' he runs which doubles up as the front organization of LeT:

The world knows him as one of the most dreaded jihadis. India wants him dead or alive. His name is on India's list of most 'wanted terrorists'. He is the architect of suicide attacks in Kashmir. At his call, women in Pakistan donate ornaments and men stack currency notes at his feet.

He is the founder of the largest jihadi network in Pakistan, currently known as Jamatud Dawa.

The Jamatud Dawa (the reincarnation of Markaz Dawatul Irshad whose armed brigade was the Lashkar-e-Tayiba) has emerged as the most organised and well-equipped outfit in far-flung areas, providing relief through motorboats and mules.
Related post on the recent massive crackdown of LeT operatives by Australian counter-terror police. Comprehensive information on LeT from the excellent South Asia Terrorism Portal.  
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