terror in delhi 10/29
Friday, November 18, 2005
  More from Atanu Dey
Indian blogger Atanu Dey has a follow-up post on Indian quake aid funding Pakistani jihadists. Earlier, we had linked his post on the same subject mentiong the continuing purchase of advanced weapons by the Pakistani military. Now, Human Rights Watch has a scathing report on serious human rights abuse by the Pakistani miltary and the complete lack of transperancy on the aid money sent to help the earthquake survivors:
A recent attack by Pakistani police on a camp of earthquake survivors highlights why international donors must insist on human rights protection in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, Human Rights Watch said today. International donors are gathering in Islamabad on Friday to discuss aid for victims of the October 8 earthquake.
See our photo essay on the shameful treatment of earthquake survivors by the Pakistani police.
In the Pakistani-administered part of Kashmir, an internationally disputed territory, the military essentially runs the region as its own fiefdom. The Pakistani government does not tolerate dissent in Kashmir, and the authorities ban or harass opposition political parties. Human Rights Watch called on the international community to ensure that there is greater civilian oversight of relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts. So far, there has been little sign of any civilian oversight of aid inflows. Aid should be handled through a process that involves the Pakistan-administered Kashmir government, political parties in Pakistan-administered Kashmir as well as local, national and international non-governmental organizations, and civil society groups, particularly those working in the field. In addition, Human Rights Watch called for independent auditing of relief funds and materials to ensure transparency and accountability. Contracts for reconstruction should be handled through proper procurement procedures that allow bidding by private agencies, and not just military entities. “Given its record of abuse and corruption, the Pakistani military should not be given carte blanche in the relief efforts,” said Adams. “To keep the process honest, civil society must be given a significant role both in delivery and oversight.”
The Pakistani bloggers who defended the need for aid so well in Atanu's blog, should realize that it is in their own interest to be critical of their military government. If there is an entity called as the Pakistani civil society still exists, it should make sure that the funds donated should be under civilian audit and prevent it from being diverted to the Pakistani military elites lavish life-style and the jihadi group's terror acitivities.
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