terror in delhi 10/29
Monday, November 07, 2005
  MSM misreporting: whats with this aid 'exchange'
We would like to know what exactly is meant by 'exchange' when the Associated Press reports:
India, Pakistan aid exchange turns violent
As we saw in this photo essay the aid was transferred from the Indian truck to the Pakistani one. This Reuters report too confirms this:
India and Pakistan opened their disputed border in Kashmir on Monday in a largely symbolic gesture to help survivors of the Oct. 8 earthquake that killed more than 74,000 people. An orange Indian truck carrying relief goods drove up to the border in reverse, while a Pakistani truck reversed from its side. Men then began unloading sacks from the Indian truck into the Pakistani one.
Why can't MSM change it's equal-equal treatment for once even when the aid is flowing from India to Pakistan. We don't mean to gloat over this aid thing. By all means, we sincerely wish that the aid which comes from the Indian people reaches the affected Kashmiris. But if the MSM can't even be trusted even this simple fact without introducing bias, how can we expect to trust it when it comes to covering conflicts? This should not be categorized as anything but intellectual dishonesty. Update: This AP report from The Guardian is titled 'Police Keep Kashmiris From Crossing Border'
Trucks then backed up to the line and porters from the Indian side handed the first batch of aid - sacks packed with tents - to counterparts on the Pakistani side, who loaded them on their truck. The process was repeated with other trucks. ``It's definitely a historic moment,''' said Braj Raj Sharma, a top civilian official in India's Jammu-Kashmir state. ``They say that adversity unites people. This is what is happening today.'' Sharma said the Indian aid included tents, tarpaulins, sugar, butter and medicine. Pakistani officials said a single truckload of aid from Pakistan was being handed over to India.
Sure, 25 trucks vs. one surely deserves an equal-equal treatment.
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