terror in delhi 10/29
Monday, November 07, 2005
  Reuters: Irrelevant editorializing masquerading as reporting
Reuters reporter Simon Cameron-Moore writes:
As Indian and Pakistani officials exchanged relief goods in a gesture that took weeks to agree, hundreds of youths on the Pakistani side appeared on the brink of rushing the border before being forced back by teargas, shots in the air and batons.
We have already debunked the exchange spin put by MSM and posted a photo essay on the shame behavior of the Pakistany army.
What they wanted was simple -- to see relatives and fellow Kashmiris on the Indian side as the agreement between Pakistani and India is supposed to allow.
As far as the Kashmiris on the Pakistani side wanting to cross-over, the question is what is the real reason? Sure, they would like to visit their relatives. But then, why would they risk the wrath of the Pakistani Army? Our take is that they were there to collect the relief aid coming from the Indian people themselves rather than trust the corrupt Pakistani Army to hoard them. And to bolster our arugement, there have been few if any Kashmiris on the Indian-side to cross-over there despite the vast death toll on the Pakistani side.
Groups seeking independence from both Pakistan and India appeared to have had a significant influence in the incident. "We want foreign forces out of Kashmir -- both Indian and Pakistani," Sikander Ali Qamar, an activist with the Jammu and Kashmir National Student Federation, said at the scene. "We want the LoC opened permanently, with no permits or identity cards because Kashmiris want to be one nation."
Yeah yeah, in your dreams. First, tell your Pakistani masters to treat your people with respect.
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has often spoken of the need to take account of the desires of Kashmiris and it was he who proposed opening five crossing points over the Line of Control after the Oct. 8 quake. India eventually agreed, but subsequently said the other four were not ready to meet Monday's schedule.
General Musharraf in this typical unpredictable way of talking of India, proposed this opening in an ad hoc manner not going through diplomatic channels. India cautiously replied that it could take time since there are bridges to build (literally), mines to remove and relief materials to arrange. Pakistan for its part, did nothing to ensure that the relief materials was transferred in an orderly fashion. And, this dork does not mention India's generous acceptance despite the October 29th terror attacks. Shame on you Reuters.
Pakistan's government may be embarrassed by what happened at Titrinote, the village where Monday's events took place, but Kashmiris said the demonstration of unity would have been surely stronger had here been any villages nearby on the Indian side.
Mr. Cameron-Moore still has doubts despite the shameful treatment meted out by the Pakistani police at the LoC today. Reuters is treating this horrible incident with kid gloves. If by chance, had this taken place on the Indian side, we would have to endure the wrath of the international media.
"We want one country and that's Kashmir," said Mohammad Ikram Khan a former councillor in the town of Hijara. "Emotionally, many people want to go across the LoC. We demand a plebiscite. That is our basic demand."
Please read up your history Mr. Khan. No withdrawal of the Pakistani Army. No plebiscite. In any case, the plebiscite needs to take place only in Pakistani-Occupied Kashmir since the Kashmiris on the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir have already ratified their accession to the Indian Union. 
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