terror in delhi 10/29
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
  US quake helicopter 'fired upon' Surprise, surprise a US Chinook bringing aid to earthquake victims has been fired upon by RPG fire. The terrorist who have been running camps in Pakistani Kashmir were never fond of the Americans bringing in aid. Now this only proves that terrorists are operating with impunity in that area.
The US military said: "A United States Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter flying in the vicinity of Chakothi delivering relief aid to earthquake victims is believed to have been fired upon by a rocket-propelled grenade today." Chakothi is 10kms from the Line of Control that divides Pakistani and Indian-administered Kashmir. Militant groups opposed to India are based in the region.
The usual denial and shock from Pakistani military.
Pakistan's military spokesman, Maj Gen Shaukat Sultan, told the AFP news agency the helicopter crew had mistaken grenade fire for a dynamite blast carried out to clear landslides.
But the good ol GI knows his enemey fire and ain't giving up.
However, US Commander Nick Balice at the Disaster Assistance Centre public affairs office in Islamabad, said: "Our air crew is familiar with RPG fire,"
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