terror in delhi 10/29
Saturday, December 31, 2005
  Clueless Indian Leadership
Primary Red of Secular-Right laments on the blind trust Indian leaders place in General Musharraf in tackling terror:
We are struck by Mr. Narayanan's comment that he's been "requesting" Pakistan & Bangladesh to stop terrorism in India. Hello? Isn't that his responsibility? Also, why does he think that making polite requests of terrorist patrons will help resolve the issue?! Dr. Singh's "anguish" over terrorism and his "faith" in General Musharraf is even more puzzling. What world is our leadership living in?! Hopefully there's more to Indian security than making "requests" and having "faith"?
Sadly, this has been the pattern which this government and their predecessors have been following despite repeated attacks from terrorists in Pakistan. To further illustrate the ostritch-like mentality of the Indian leaders, we point to one of the most shameful episodes in Indian diplomacy - the Kandahar hijacking episode. Prof. Brahma Challeney gives more details in this insightful piece in the Hindustan Times. He emphatically writes that the order to hijack the Indian Airlines flight came directly from the top Pakistani leadership, perhaps General Musharraf himself resulting in the shameful release of the terrorists Masood Azhar and Ahmed Omar Sheikh.
Pervez Musharraf accomplished through this ISI-scripted hijacking much more than what he had set out to achieve with force in Kargil just months earlier. The IC-814 hijacking, as Strobe Talbott wrote in his book, came “as a personal victory for Musharraf, who was widely believed to have masterminded the incident…” Within five months, Musharraf won an invitation to a summit in Agra, an event that lifted his semi-pariah status internationally. Since then, he has progressively upped the ante to the extent that today he is able to hold the weapon of terror to India’s head and still show off an ‘irreversible’ Indian-initiated peace process.
It is clear that know-towing to the terrorists after the Kandahar did not bring any gains. Au contraire, the terrorists became emboldened to go after India's seat of power, the Parliament. More and more soft targets such as the Akshardam temple, the Diwali shoppers and the academics at the IISc. Prof. Chellany demands a new change in mindset from the Indian politcal leaders to go after the terrorists whereever they may be, exactly what we had argued here.
It was such a defining moment for the new millennium that India has continued to slip and sink. As the already-forgotten New Delhi bombings of two months ago show, India is increasingly unwilling to go after transnational terrorists and their sponsors. Contrast that with the unforgiving British response to the bombings in London that killed fewer people. Is it any surprise that terrorists are now emboldened to strike in India’s Silicon Valley? As an open, untreated sore on the Indian body politic threatening to become gangrenous, Kandahar has brought India under increasing attack from terrorism. Turning this abysmal situation around demands a new mindset that will not allow India to be continually gored and treats terrorism as an existential battle. That in turn means a readiness to do whatever it takes to end the terrorist siege of India.
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