terror in delhi 10/29
Friday, December 30, 2005
  GoI Responds after Terror Attack
Warning: This post is not made up but the actual statements from high-level officials representing the various organs of the Government of India. "It would be too early to call it a terrorist attack. We have to investigate. It could have been targeted at an individual." says Sri Prakash Jaiswal, India‘s junior home minister. The Chief Minister of the Karnataka state Dharam Singh said that the IISc shootout was pre-planned He added that the IISc campus was chosen as a random target with an intention to create fear. The coup de grace goes to the top cop of Karnataka. Thanks to Bangalore Guy.
Media: "Attack at the IISc, security lapse?" DGP:"No, how can you say that? If a crime happens within a few yards of a police station, how's the cop inside to know? If your car gets stolen from your home are you responsible?" .. DGP:"We found (some number) of that, what do you call that (pause, prompted by commissioner) yes, magazines". ... DGP:"We dont want to remove the live grenade or the AK because we need to get the fingerprints of them. And we dont more casualties because of the live grenade"
Such competent blokes. Onto some serious stuff which this blog discusses. Praveen Swami, who we consider as the best journalist covering terrorism issues in India says that there were multiple warnings sent out for the past few months by other police/intellegence services about the threat from the likes of Lashkar-e-Toiba. The Bangalore and Karnataka police seem to have missed most of them. In addition there was a specific threat alert which was sent out to them a couple of weeks back. B. Raman, another prolific counter-terror analyst writes a well-articulated history of the various jihadi groups which seem to have made South India its new target. The crux of his paper is not only the involvement of Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed but also Bangladesh-based groups which are active in South India. In many cases, it looks like these Bangladeshi groups playing the role of 'foot soliders' of their Pakistani masters. Another point, is economic terrorism. Southern India is generally free of terrorist attacks (except, Naxalite movement which attacks government installations in rural areas) and is now having a booming IT sector. The Pakistani groups are clearly determined to go after these targets. The question is what is the Government of India going to do about it? What is their strategy to beat the terrorists? More later.

Good question. I hope the response is not going to be on the lines of "you mean the vgovernment has to do something?" OR "we have tightened security at all vital installations".

BTW, could you pass on the code for the "Stop Terror" Ticker?

I seem to be putting in too many typos these days!
Dear BangaloreGuy,

You may get it from http://img330.imageshack.us/img330/360/terror8vp.gif

It was created by an Indian blogger for free use. Please feel free to use it.

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