terror in delhi 10/29
Saturday, December 31, 2005
  Terrorism: Root Cause, My Ass!
Pardon our undiplomatic language. But every time there is a terror attack, there are some who want to analyze the root causes. Nothing wrong in the exercise itself. But rather the usual fallacious conclusions are: 1) Poverty, hunger, etc. 2) Social and economic discrimination 3) Perceived injustice/persecution against a State ... blah blah. We had already discussed about one Pakistani Dr. Dawood who became a Lashkar-e-Toiba operative for none of the reasons above. Now CNN-IBN interviews a captured Jaish-e-Mohammad operative Mohammad Ibrahim. He spells out the beans like no one did. Watch the video of the interview here. It is clear neither he nor his family were suffering from poverty. Nor his terrorist recruiters from the ISI concerned about the Kashmir freedom struggle. He was specifically instructed to cause maximum damage to civilian targets in major South Indiaan cities. This clearly follows Pakistan's Gen. Bhutto's institutionalized state policy of "Bleeding India through a thousand cuts". Secondly, anyone remember how terrorism was put down in Punjab which was so active during the 80s. Many attributed it to the effective and brutal crackdown led by its Police Chief Mr. KPS Gill. No doubt, he played a major part in that (amidst allegations of torture, custody killings, etc.). The other reason is that Pakistan's ability to support Khalistani movement was severely constrained due to the heavy casualities, riots, killings, etc. caused by its own separatist movement by the Mohajairs the MQM. Naturally, both of these coincuded during the late 80s giving an impression that it is only by efforts of Punjab police that the battle was won. Hence it is important to understand that inorder to root out terrorism, we need to root out the state support for terrorism. Terrorist, even in the modern world cannot survive without an institutionalized state support to consistently attack civilian targets. Thirdly, one would like to assume that most of the terrorists are trained in the camps in Pakistani-Occuppied-Kashmir. This too is only partly true. The captured Mr. Ibrahim was hosted in Clifton area in Karachi. Obviously, this is not a camp in the middle of the jungle, but rather in the heart of Pakistan's biggest city. It is also no surprise that all the Al-Queda leadership were captured not in some remote mountaneous area but rather in the biggest of the Pakistani cities. Hence it is important for the Indian Government to strike at will the support coming from outside India. We understand that declaraing an act of open war is a very difficult decision to make. But GoI should never hesitate to use its COIN/Special Forces to good use to root out terrorist infrastructure whereever they are.
Plz donot go beyond a laksman reka. other than that, u wrote with deep insight.visit my site
(Graphic images of violence)
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