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Saturday, January 14, 2006
  Candle Kissers Come Out of Closet
Following our analysis of General Musharraf's ridiculous interview, the Candle Kissers Club™®© (who also secretely run a Musharraf Fan Club) are out in support of their star just as we suspected. Prem Shankar Jha writes in the Outlook effectively saying that India should seriously consider Musharraf's proposals. His core arguement is that:
The genesis of the Kashmir solution lies in the demilitarisation of parts of the Valley in exchange for unstinting Pakistani cooperation in curbing terrorism.
This effectively parrots the false promise proposed by the wily General. We have showed again and again that the anti-India jihad has moved beyond Kashmir. Even the ISI as part of its "moral and diplomatic support" is not mentioning Kashmir in its indoctrination camps. So how will demilitarization in the Kashmir Valley will achieve reduction in the amount of terrorist actions against India? Imagine from a Terrorist/ISI/Pak Army strategist POV: They have no incentive to reduce anti-India terror, unless their own existence is in peril. Sadly many Indian commentators including Mr. Jha stick to the "maintaining peace at all costs" position (read BangaloreGuy's puzzle on this), atleast from the Indian side. Unless, we reciprocate the pain inflicted upon us by the enemy, we will always be considered as a "soft state". Any negotiation under such conditions will never yield the "real peace" which many Indians so desire.
The portion of Jha's argument that you quote only reveals his naivete.

Promises, unless backed by an irreversible commitment, are known as 'cheap talk'.

To base policy on a promise is stupid. To base it on Pakistan's promises is ridiculous. But to base it on Musharraf's promises is positively suicidal. You need that special kind of innocent, suicidal stupidity, usually demonstrated by now-extinct species on isolated islands, to follow Jha's prescription.

But the folks like Jha get a kick out it.
Nitin: This time I told that even the many o f the usual peaceniks like IK Gujaral are lashing out at Musharraf in TV talk shows.

Anyway, the species you mentioned still exist among Indian policy elites. Reminds me of the proverb: "Can't wake up someone pretending to sleep".
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If one were to characterise the response, In Hindi, one would probably say "Aa bail mujhe maar".

The problem with the current Indian approach is that it rewards terror, not peace. And that is just the recipe for inviting more terror attacks.
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