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Thursday, January 26, 2006
  Combating Terror: Taking the Fight to the Enemy?
Apologies if the post title sounds somewhat Bushesque. We request a little bit of patience from the reader before we get to the point. Earlier, we wrote on Combating Terror: Taking Babysteps at Home. Apparently that is only a part of the solution. We assume that the various organs of the Indian Government are actively taking steps in that direction. At this point however, let us salute our security forces for their flawless security arrangement which enabled an almost incident-free Republic Day with no loss of life amidst the heightened terror threat. Moving over to India's neighborhood, we already noted the alarming situation in Balochistan. General Pervus Meretricius™®© who in the pretext of fighting the Global Offense Against Terror (G.O.A.T.) has been using Uncle's toys to crush the Baloch rebellion (See exclusive pictures and video of Pakistani helicopter gunships firing at its own citizens.) Praveen Swami, one of India's top journalist on terrorism issues writes in the Frontline on the situation there:
Although the Pakistan government has declared that its objectives in Balochistan have been secured, the fighting has continued apace. On January 10, for example, Information Minister Sheikh Rashid announced that the "military operation in Balochistan has been wound down". Just three days later, though, at least 18 people, including three soldiers and three Frontier Corps personnel, were killed in attacks by insurgents near the Pirkoh gas fields, 400 kilometres west of Quetta. Twelve others, who the Pakistan government claims were insurgents and Baloch leaders say were civilians, were shot dead in the course of a successful attempt to hit a pipeline taking gas from Pirkoh to Karachi.
It is clear that the conflict is far from over. The General has been pointing fingers at India as usual. To make things clear, Praveen Swami again manages to contact Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. Interview excerpts:

President Pervez Musharraf said recently that India was aiding the insurgency in Balochistan. What do you have to say about this?

He is using his favourite weapon - lies. His objective is to defame the legitimate demands of the people of Balochistan. We are fighting a war to defend our rights and our country, not for anyone else's interests.

Baloch insurgents, including your followers, have been using a variety of sophisticated weapons, including rocket launchers and heavy machine guns. How do you have these weapons if there is no external support?

What is the need for us to take anything from anyone? All the weapons we use are widely available in this region and can be purchased for just a few thousand rupees. When the United States of America financed the jihadis against the Soviet Union's forces in Afghanistan, sophisticated armaments were pumped into this region. As is well known, they even supplied the mujahideen state-of-the-art equipment like Stinger missiles. After the jihad ended, the weapons stayed on. President Musharraf knows all this well, since it was the Inter-Services Intelligence which distributed them to groups in Afghanistan, Iran, Jammu and Kashmir - and, of course, in Balochistan.

The people of Baloch have a long and proud history. Indeed one Balochi leader announced, "We have been living as Balochis for 5000 years, as Muslims for 1400 years and as Pakistanis for only 58 years". But why the sudden increase in violence now. The evidence points again to the General and his terrorist army:

At the core of the problem appears to be the Pakistan Army's efforts to displace the traditional tribal Sardars and replace them with Islamists it favours. Balochistan, along with the NWFP, was one of the two provinces where the ultra-Right Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (United Coalition for Action) took power in Pakistan's controversial 2002 elections. Although Islamists had never had a significant electoral role in Pakistan politics, the Army helped them to come to power in both the NWFP and Balochistan, hoping that the MMA would prove to be a counterweight both to democratic parties and to the Taliban. ... By sidelining mainstream parties in favour of Islamists, he said, President Musharraf alienated both "the old non-religious tribal leadership as well as the new secular urban middle classes of Balochistan who see no economic or political space for themselves in the new military-mullah dispensation". During a recent Voice of America Urdu service programme, hosted by journalists Murtaza Solangi and Akmal Aleemi, Balochistan Governor Owais Ghani argued that the problem was the consequence of the resistance of the Sardars to a new modernising elite. Pakistani Senator Sanaullah Baloch responded bluntly: "The elite you represent does not come from Balochistan. It comes from outside. There are 72 high administrative positions in Balochistan. Most of them come from outside of the province. This is why when you people rule, there is no peace."
It is about making trampling the rights of the Balochis in their homeland with the help of Islamists (whom the General promised to battle as part of 'Englightened Moderation'.) Interested readers who can understand Urdu can hear the Voice of America interview here. After all this bla bla, what is the relation with terror against India you might ask. Patience. We noted a considerable reduction of violence in J&K in the recent months. Now Praveen Swami lets the cat out of bag:
Many in India's intelligence establishment believe that the time has come to use what are called offensive covert means. In the past, India has demonstrated the capability to do so, and with good effect: two Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) groups, CIT-`X' and CIT-`J', had, for example, carried out a series of bombings in Lahore and Karachi as retaliation for strikes by Pakistan-backed Khalistan terror groups. India's offensive covert operations were closed down early in the tenure of Prime Minister I.K. Gujral, but the weapon, as Musharraf well knows, could be unsheathed again.
Dang, that cretinous Candle Kisser™®© Gujral just as we suspected earlier. The moral of the story is clear: If you wanna stop the terrorist-enabling Pakistani Army from sending in jihadi pigs, you need to keep them occupied at home. Be it pretending to battle Al-Queda/Taliban in NWFP or crushing Baloch nationalists. Reminds me of the simple rule: Offense is the best Defense. The tide is on India's side. It is time Indian policy makers take advantage of this situation to put an end to the terrorist problems it is facing from its neighborhood.
Cynical Nerd,

Btw, it was Praveen Swami who revealed that Rabinder Singh, the RAW officer who defected (presumably to the US) last year ran CIT-'J'.

And that Rabinder Singh's unit used services from commercial human traffickers like Sarabjit Singh.

Very interesting link Nitin. I've read B. Raman's mentioning this. But this piece from Praveen Swami is the best.

I wonder what will the present Kaangress + Kommie govt say on our intel boy's latest demand.
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