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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
  Here Comes Another Candle Kisser™®©
Following our debunking of Prem Shankar Jha, we present yet another Musharraf Fan Club member, Mr. A.G. Noorani writing in the Hindustan Times. Trust us, there are many more of them hiding in the closet. We shall confront them one at a time as they come out. Mini-Preface: A significant portion of the article is devoted to the various 'peace offers' proposed by the General right from the 2001 Agra 'peace' talks. Just recall that back then (even now!) Mr. Musharraf was (is!) an international pariah after having supported the Taliban and Al-Queda which culminated in the September 2001 attacks against the United States and the shame of having initiated the 1999 Kargil War against India. It is another story on why in 2001 India agreed to negotiate with hin in the first place. Now onto Mr. Noorani:
On July 16, 2001, at the Agra breakfast, Musharraf said “move from stated positions” and eliminate unacceptable extremes, i.e. plebiscite on his side and non-negotiable dispute on ours. On December 18, 2003, he was prepared to set aside the UN resolutions. On October 25, 2004, he wanted to identify the seven regions and change their status. On April 18, 2005, in Delhi, self-governance is mentioned casually but on May 20 “maximum self-government” is proposed with demilitarisation. Independence and “religious basis” are ruled out. On October 21, he suggested: make the LoC “irrelevant. Let’s open it out”.
Wilful ignorance of terror How conveniently Mr. Noorani forgets the various terrorist attacks in India during this time period. To mention a few, starting from the December 2001 Parliament attack, the October 2002 Akshardham temple attack, the August 2003 Mumbai blasts, the October 2005 Ayodhya temple attack, October 2005 suicide bombing in Hyderabad Police Commissioner's Office till the most recent New Delhi market and IISc Bangalore cases conducted by Pakistani-based terrorist groups and its intelligence service operating right under Musharraf's nose. Ofcourse, we are not even including the terror plots foiled thanks to intelligence/police such as most recently in Mumbai, which otherwise would have been deadly. Mr. Noorani it appears deliberately chooses to ignore this fact looking at only the frivolous 'peace offers' concerning Jammu & Kashmir. He then innocuously asks:
India and Pakistan agreed on September 25, 2004, that “possible options for a peaceful negotiated settlement” of Kashmir “should be explored in a sincere spirit and purposeful manner”. Is there no duty on India’s part to contribute to this exercise?
But the political will is not very evident, even though our concerns are now fully met. Article 370 of our Constitution and Article 257 of the Pakistani Constitution are flexible enough to sanctify any accord on these lines. Is there nothing that India can concede to Pakistan on Kashmir?
Ok, let's talk some legalalities Pakistani Constitution has been re-written by its power-hungry dictators (the most recent being Musharraf man himself) so many times that we are left wondering what version do we have right now. Let's assume a 'peace accord' is signed. What will happen if tomorrow Gen. Musharraf is overthrown and yet another dictator (military or mullah) comes to power. Past experience shows there is no guarantee that such agreements will be respected by the new dictator. And puhleez, what is this alien thing called 'self-governance' in the Pakistani-administered Kashmir when there is no governance there in the first place. So whose side is Mr. Noorani? We have already argued that Mr. Musharraf is in a deep-deep hold starting from his Islamist buddies, his American masters to the Baloch nationalists. What we don't understand at this point is why people such as Mr. Jha and Mr. Noorani are coming to his help trying to showcase him as an advocate of 'peace'? What are their motivations?? We are yet to understand. And the Indian Media, whose side are they? Now, why is the Hindustan Times giving editorial space to such horse crap. Just after the Delhi terror attacks, we had noted a change in mentality among the Indian media elites. But given the increasing frequency with which the Candle Kissers™®© are croaking in support of their favorite dictator in Indian mainstream media outlets, we can't help think if it was a misplaced optimism on our part. Point to ponder.

You do not know whose side the Indian media are? Wait until the cricket series gets over and see all this gushing about Pakistani mehmaan-nawaazi and how Peace MUST be pursued with them at ALL COSTS(costs to the Indian people, of course)
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