terror in delhi 10/29
Monday, January 16, 2006
  Missile Attack Against Al-Zawahiri: Round-Up
Nitin Pai says that it should come as no surprise that the "guest" did'nt turn since the conerned parties were already informed prior to the attacks. Walid Phares at the Counter Terror blog asks why is the Pakistani government protesting now that the attack did not materialize and also wonders if the reaction would have been the same had the attack succeeded. He also believes that the inability of 80,000 Pakistani troops in the tribal areas to capture top Al-Queda leaders makes the U.S. to take action on its own. B. Raman thinks that only 14 of the 18 killed in the attack has been identified as locals, most likely civilians. He believes that the remaining 4 should be tested for their DNA to see if they are Al-Zawahiri and his bodyguards.
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