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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
  Musharraf's Interview: Why Are We Gloating?
There is much discussion going on in the Indian blogosphere on the recent television interview of General Musharraf by CNN-IBN's Karan Thapar (Read the transcripts of part I, II, III and IV of the interview). Sure, Mr. Thapar pulled more than a few punches that put General Musharraf in a fix. That would indeed serve to augment the TRP ratings of his television talk show. But for us the fundamental questions are: Will it change the ground reality? Will there be lesser terror attacks by Pakistan-based groups in 2006 than in 2005?
Do we really have to gloat the fact that Musharraf has finally admitted that he can stop the militancy if the Indian army withdraws from the Kashmir valley? Is'nt this what this blog has been documenting since the Delhi terror atttack. We wrote on how the Jamaat-ul-Daawa operates with impunity after the earthquake openly alongside the U.S. military providing relief and the massive popularity it has among the Pakistani public. Further, the recent terror attacks has shown thatt terrorists have set their sights beyond Kashmir, to the whole of India - which has always been the aim of groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba.
Analyzing the interview from Musharraf's perspecive, we argue that this is no bufoonery and is a calculated move by the "tactically brilliant" general. Let's consider what is happening inside Pakistan: - The earthquake reconstruction efforts in Pakistani-administered Kashmir is pathetic where young children are dying by the dozens due to the harsh winter while Pakistani Army regulars are selling winterized tents from foreign donors in open markets and the shameful treatment of earthquake victims by the Pakistani police. General Musharraf and the Army has gotten much flak for this from private television channels like GEO TV. - There is a massive unrest in Balochistan (our take here) and even international press has started to take notice of it (hat tip: nukh). All the political parties including the Islamist MMA (General Musharraf's ally) and the mainstream PML and PPP are now opposed to the construction of the Kalabagh Dam. - The Pakistani media has been pounding Musharraf on his unilateral decision to construct the Kalabagh Dam - one of the main reason for the Baloch unrest. Though in the interview he dismisses columnist Ayaz Amir as an "unbalanced man", the Generalisso would pretty much like to divert the media heat being directed at him and the Army he leads. In this situation, the General is on the look out for a bogeyman and here comes India. In the interview, he bends over backwards in making every possible offer on Kashmir thus making it look ridiculous. His only aim is to try to put the ball in India's court, to reduce the troops. Meanwhile, this gives time for the jihadis to recuperate (sic) and the Pakistani Army to rebuild the bunkers along the LoC. Come spring time, we'll be hearing statements about how the "stubbornness" from the Indian side is not advancing the "peace process" while the Wise General has shown "maximum flexibility". The result will be more infiltration from terrorist pigs and hence more attacks in and outside Kashmir. And how will the Government of India respond to all this? Our take is the GoI will remain clueless as usual.
But Musharraf's plans will work only if Indian policy makers budge to his tactics and reduce the troops in kashmir..

Yes, but he will tell the whole world that he made "brave" propositions which were rejected by "stubborn" India. Then he will try to blame the increse in violence by "freedom fighters" to India. We need to see through his duplicity and expose him for what he is.

Cynical Nerd,

You are right. All this is merely cheap talk. Good entertainment, perhaps, but amounts to little on the ground.
You are right cynic. Its all pfaff, and at the next avilable opportunity the journos will fawn on Mushy again.

IMO the best thing would for us to give him other ridiculous CBM's - like joint monitoring of quake relief in PoK. like joint monitoring of Terror camps in Pok. After all, if he can talk of this side of the LoC, we can say, "Hey wait, people need immediate relief in PoK, lets see the humanitarian side first!" And we should respond via the media. An Interview by say the PM or something. And reiterate that we have said the same thousands of times behind the scenes.(Probably use the word "baseless" to good effect somewhere in that as well)

That should set the ball in the General's court. And probably set him thinking before he shoots his mouth off next time.

As much as your proposals sound refereshing, there are practical difficulties.

First, any Indian PM who makes this proposal will face opposition from the Candle Kissers brigade led by Kuldip Nayyar et al. Plus J&K politicians such as Mufti Mohammed Sayyed and his loose-mouthed daughter Mehbooba are always willing to bat for Musharraf. Case in point:

This needs a more careful response. Later on that.

I read the last several of your posts today. Extremely informative and superb journalism.

It is evident that the Indian Government lacks a clear-headed policy on national security. More importantly, the role of the United States in conveniently looking elsewhere vis-a-vis Musharraf itself is a pointer on the unreliability of that country's foreign policy establishment when it comes to India's defence.

There have been interesting developments in Sri Lanka with the United States playing an increasing role here.

Best regards

Thanks for your appreciation.

Yes, the US looks at its own interests when it comes to security. General Musharraf will get a full pass from Uncle Sam as long as he keep delivering those fictional Al-Queda #3's.

best regards,

Not so sure if the government gives a hoot to either what Mufti or Nayar says. Those peaceniks would always love us to dearly let the Pakis cut our necks off. Nothing new in that!

Of course having said that, what measures will a government that, after an attack, shies away from even naming the terrorist organisations take against their sponsors?


Must amend a part of my previous comment. I had called "joint monitoring of terror camps" as ridiculous. Its not!
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