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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
  Pakistan's Cooperation with G.O.A.T.: A Reality Check
Following our initial round-up on the missile attack against Al-Zawahiri, it is now clear that there were indeed a handful of foreign terrorists in the targeted buildings minus Zawahiri. Ofcourse, it is also very surprising at the noise emnating from Pakistan's rulers and it's so-called strategic thinkers given:
the fact is that Pakistan knew in advance of the US raid in Pakistan on Friday aimed at killing al-Qaeda's No 2, Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was believed to be in the area.
confirms Syed Saleem Shahzad in the Asia Times. Many U.S. media outlets are beginning to take a critical view of the highly dubious co-operation from Pakistan in the Global Offense Against Terror (G.O.A.T). This editorial from the L.A. Times says:
More than four years after Al Qaeda's 9/11 attacks, Pakistan continues to play a dangerous game. The government does as little as possible to hunt Al Qaeda operatives, lest their Pakistani supporters become even more upset with Musharraf. Yet Islamabad continually assures Washington that it's in vigorous pursuit, in order to keep the foreign aid flowing.
Indeed. In addition there have been no progress on the democratization nor on reforming the hatred-filled education system.
Washington has rewarded Pakistan with a five-year, $3-billion aid package. Musharraf promised to close the madrasas — fundamentalist schools that foment anti-Americanism — but progress has been slow. And the problem doesn't just lie with the private madrasas. The nation's public schools use textbooks promoting violent battles against infidels. The province where Friday's apparently botched attempt to kill Zawahiri occurred now has a pro-Taliban government, making it harder for Islamabad to search for Al Qaeda. But difficulty is not impossibility.
Investor's Business Daily takes a much severe view with some hard-hitting facts:

Even so, bin Laden and his top deputy have managed to deliver audio and videotaped messages to al-Jazeera's bureaus in Islamabad and Karachi. And they've trained terrorists at camps and madrassas, including some within miles of Musharraf's home. Some of these terrorists have been exported to America and Britain.

While the White House publicly praises Pakistan's "cooperation" in the war, U.S. officials — including CIA Director Porter Goss — complain that Pakistani intelligence officers remain loyal to their former allies — the Taliban and al-Qaida — and are protecting them. Nearly all the high-value al-Qaida targets captured in Pakistan — including 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — were due to leads generated by U.S., not Pakistani, intelligence.

In shelling the Pakistani village near the Afghan border, the U.S. was operating on intelligence that bin Laden's second in command, along with other al-Qaida operatives, were visiting a safe house there. Pakistani officials insist bin Laden's deputy was no-where near the site, which would suggest they know where he is. (Arab TV, quoting an al-Qaida source, also knew better.)

Quite possible since Pakistani officials were told in advance of the Zawahiri strike. Pakistan's role in the Global Offense Against Terror (G.O.A.T.) inspires zero-confidence given the abysmal results we've seen so far. As we write, Taliban and Al-Queda fighers based-in Pakistan continue to attack N.A.T.O. troops and kill ordinary Afghans. American-made helicopter gunships, artillery and night-vision devices donated to Gen. Musharraf to fight the Taliban and Al-Queda in Warzistan and North West Frontier Province are now used to kill the people in Balochistan. The United States should ask itself if the billions of dollars it is pouring into the coffers of Musharraf are yielding any result. Given the complicity of the Bush Administration, it is upto the Congress and Senate to take up this responsibility. The visit of Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz to the United States provides an opportune moment for such a scrutiny. Update: Jim Landers of the Dallas Morning News has voiced similar concerns.
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