terror in delhi 10/29
Thursday, January 19, 2006
  Pooja Bhatt: Put Your Foot in Your Mouth Watch!
Via New Indian Express:
“The most memorable moment for me and all of the Indian artists present on the occasion was when President Musharraf shared the dais with us and accorded honour to all the members of the Indian delegation. “Even in normal circumstances praise for ones work is something good but when it comes from the head of a rival country, you know you are really relevant,” Pooja said during a function to release the debut album of playback singer Ravinder Ravi of Indian idol fame here on Wednesday night. Said Pooja, for whom Pakistan in general and Kara film festival in particular has become a second home where she has taken all her films, from ‘Paap’ in 2003 to ‘Rog’ in 2004, to showcasing her latest film ‘Holiday’.
Paap? As in like this??
Cynical Nerd,

Keep up the informative posts. I hope that more Indians read your well researched pieces. One needs to better understand the complex linguistic, sectarian, tribal and political fault-lines that run across Afghanistan, Baluchistan, the Federally Administered Tribal Territories and the remainder of the North West Frontier Province. The resilience of the current administration in Islamabad would in large measure depend on these dynamics. Too much emphasis has been placed so far on Punjab and Sindh. The trans-Indus dynamics might indeed be more relevant. Indian intelligence needs to be more involved in this respect.
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