terror in delhi 10/29
Sunday, January 22, 2006
  Unholy List And The Weekly Lovefest Guess who makes it to the unholy list!
Meanwhile the weekly lovefest continues from über Candle Kisser™®© Prem Shankar Jha:
He has publicly conceded that Kashmiris do not want to merge with Pakistan and advised Pakistanis to stop harping on the unfinished business of Partition.He has dissociated his government from the pro-Pakistan Gilani-Jamaat-e-Islami faction of the Hurriyat in Kashmir and given his backing squarely to the moderate wing under the Mirwaiz. In Delhi, he took a huge step forward by accepting the PM's stand that India cannot redraw borders and accepted his proposal to eliminate them over time. He even went out of his way to announce that he trusted Manmohan.
Now what the hell is that supposed to mean? We are not going to bother fisking this one. Previous fisking here and here.
Maybe someday we'll have a ISI equivalent of the Mitrokhin archives which details the amount paid to such folks?

The rating in parade was a surprise, or maybe not, considering the USA is seemingly using a bit - just a bit - of the stick on Mushy.

That Jha says a person - who killed hundreds of Indians - "trusted" Manmohan points to

1) MMS and his govt helping Mushy's terrorists by their incompetent policies

2) lots of Moolah from over the border, which allowed Jha to forget that his countrymen were killed by that General, and to insinuate that it was the backstabber who needs to trust the victim not the other way round.
of course, I discount the reasoning that some people may not require any moolah to sing paens to our enemies.

We may never know their motivation but their writing is clear. They want India to make concession are willing to trust Musharraf and the Hurriyat stooges to the very end.

Atleast, the U.S. follows "Hey may be a SOB, but he is our SOB" They'll throw him out the moment he becomes useless. But what do the Candle Kissers want?

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