terror in delhi 10/29
Thursday, February 16, 2006
  20,000 MW of green house gases!
via Business Standard :

Mundra and Sasan power projects are among the five ultra mega power projects of 4,000 MW each being planned by the government to be offered on competitive bidding basis. The other projects are in Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Mundra, Maharashtra and Karnataka projects will be based on imported coal, while Sasan and Chhattisgarh will be pit-head projects.

More will be coming should the N-deal fail! Related post: India's Energy Security.

you seem to be playing the Devil's advocate, CN! :-P

IMO the risks associated with nukes are higher. Greenhouse gases can still be tackled better with a lot more trees and better technology(and fuel) - nuclear fuel and wastes stay around forever(relatively)

btw, my comment on the earlier nuke post seems to have disappeared!
BangaloreGuy: I am talking about risks for the ecolologically conscious European countries. You know turn on the plants at full capacity when the jet streams can take the CO2 all the way to the Poles ;-)

Comments disappearing, no idea. been wondering where were you these days.

No, actually, its us who will be at the receiving end of it all. The ones (supposed to be) worst affected by global warming are going to be the tropical countries.

I was in the midst of a blogger-block and break! :-D
The ones (supposed to be) worst affected by global warming are going to be the tropical countries.

Arre bhai, the Chinese have exactly done the same thing and are getting tech. The threat of huge coal power for a few decades is enough to mobilize european public opinion. Clean coal is still not mature. Do see my other post.

guess, everyone needs a break.
Just to set the record straight, CN, I'm all for us having more Coal plants and CBM fired plants, I was just pointing out that it *may* - just may - affect us in terms of global warming.

I'd much rather we go for coal/gas based plants than more U233/5-fired ones.
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