terror in delhi 10/29
Monday, February 06, 2006
  B for K: Mon General, Are You Game?
Via Rediff:

President Pervez Musharraf has asked India to suggest 'new ideas' to resolve the Kashmir issue if it rejects his proposals of self-governance and demilitarisation, failing which Pakistan will ask the international community to help resolve it.

"If they reject (his proposals), they should give new ideas. If they do not give ideas, we will approach the international community," he told reporters in Muzaffarabad in Pakistan occupied Kashmir on Sunday.

Via BBC, on the increasing militarization of Pakistani society:

Pakistan's independent Human Rights Commission says people are increasingly excluded from the country's decision making process. ...

"There's a complete secrecy of government. People are not a part of it. The militarisation of every part of Pakistan and it is rapidly increasing," says Asma Jahangir, the Commission's chairperson.

"The population is kept away from not only decision making, but there is a kind of a curtain around how decisions are made."

Again via BBC, on the ensuing violence in Balochistan:

The BBC got a taste of "rebel attacks" last Wednesday when a fortress housing the Frontier Corps units near Sui came under rocket attack.

The first loud explosion inside the fort did not seem to have ruffled any feathers. Well entrenched in the heavily fortified structure, Frontier Corps personnel went about their business even as rockets were thudding into the outer walls of the fortress.

But within minutes, the shelling intensified to such a level that even the more battle-hardened troops had to run for cover.

So, mon General, we too can raise the shameful treatment of your Army in Balochistan in international community. They have already started noting it. B-word for K-word, are you game?

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