terror in delhi 10/29
Sunday, February 05, 2006
  CNN: Europe's Communal Tensions Cynical News Network's ( CNN™®© ) exclusive reporting on Europe’s Communal Tensions.
February 6, 2006 - (Deep in the heart of Europe)
We are witnessing massive protests throughout European cities such as Londonistan against the alleged ‘desecration’ of Mohammed. The wider Eurabian cities of Gaza, Baghdad, Morocco, Beirut, Damascus as far as wannabe Eurabians in Pakistan have seen violent protests demanding apology from Europeans. However, citing alien kufr concepts such as ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘separation of Church and State’, none of the Christian majority European states have so far rendered an apology nor punished the journalists with 100 lashes according to the Sharia.

Some analysts say that Denmark’s Christian nationalist government led by Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s lackadaisal attitude in dealing with anti-Muslim editors of the pro-White Jylland-Posten added fuel to an already communal fire. Readers may recall that several European cities faced ‘terror’ attacks and ‘protests’ in the recent years from its Muslim separatist population. History Professor Jean-Claude Marceaux of the Universite de Paris is a specialist in analyzing ‘root causes’ of ‘terror’. In an exclusive interview with this CNN™®© reporter, he notes Europe’s brutal treatment of Muslims during the Crusades has left a deep scar among the Muslim separatists. After the historic victory of French emperor Charles Martel in Andalusia, the separatists were chased away to the deserted hinterlands in North Africa where they were brually colonized by the White Europeans. Some of them have managed to return under the guise of legal / illegal immigration.

The anti-Muslim sentiment of the Christian-majority continued culminating in the historic defeat of the Ottoman Empire. To this date, Muslim separatists call the lower-part of the Iberian peninsula Al-Andalus, and fervently believe that their homeland will be restored to them as rightful owners through ‘resistance’ - peaceful or otherwise. Since Europe’s post-war independence, separatists have fought several insurgencies which they call intifada demanding their own Caliphate including the Madrid train bombings, the London tube attacks, the murder of Dutch artist Theo Van Gogh and the Paris riots.

Following these insurgencies, the brutal crackdown by the white-majority police forces have caused a deep insecurity and alienation among Europe’s Muslim minorities. In addition to the historical injustices, they say that they are still discriminated by the Christian majority when it comes to jobs and political representation. Djamel, a Dutch ‘youth’ of Moroccan origin we met in the Amsterdam suburbs confesses, “Look at the National Parliament, look at the Fortune 500 companies and tell me how many Muslims you can find there. Zero”.

Back in Londonistan, we met award-winning ‘peace’ activist Arundirty Boy. She vehemently opposed the concept of a “nation state” and dubs this modern idea based on the Peace of Westphalian treaty as “imperialist”. She points out the ongoing “human rights violations” in Eurabia which include imposing Christian concepts like monogamy and the lack of Halal meals in tax-payer funded public schools.

International NGO’s have condemned the violence and has called for all parties to sit on the negotiating table. Experts say that a 'plebiscite' under U.N. supervision will lead to a 'permanent solution' to the insurgency - a proposal welcomed by separatist leaders, but categorically rejected by the Christian Nationalists as 'contrary to the European Constitution'. So far, none of the sides are giving up on the fight and we are afraid that more violence will ensue. This is CNN™®© reporting.


All resemblances to real-world personalities and incidents are completely real and totally intentional.

CNN™®© Acknowledges:

British-born Alex Perry of U.S. magazine Time writing on the 2003 Mumbai blasts.

Danish Prime Minster Mr. Rasmussen demanding that India re-start dialogue with Pakistan in 2003 just after Pak-sponsored terror attacks.

Christopher Kemmer of the Sydney Morning Herald’s hypocritic reporting on the 2005 Delhi terror attacks.

© All Rights Reserved, Cynical News Network (CNN™®© ) 2006

Crossposted in Desicritics.org.
CNN indeed! While I certainly don't agree with Jylland-Posten's take on "freedom of expression", the response smacks of impotent rage. The European media response (silly as it is) - is the equivalent of Bush's "bring it on".

Was just wondering - if my religion strictly (and explicitly) prohibited burning embassies and consulates down, how much (and what form of) protest would be tolerated in the name of my religion?
libertarian: Heh, indeed! Time to show the self-righteous European elites the mirror I'd say!

OTOH, I might add that the European papers reacted after the Islamists started engaging in scare tactics. Note that Jylland-Posten published the cartoons way back in September. Nothing big happened between then and last week. But Counter Terror blog has revealed that the problem started when a Danish Imam showed doctoroed caroons (showing Mohammed with a pig face) around the Middle East including Mecca.

I would say that the Islamists should take the complete blame for the loss if life in Afghanistan for their manipuation and incitation.

On your last point, me too was wondering. If I were an atheist, I would believe that Allah does'nt exist. Don't I have the right to express that in public??

Cynical Nerd,

Indeed you are correct that all, not just the believers, should have freedom of expression.

Hinduism is an exceptional religion in this sense in that it grants rights to the agnostic, the skeptic and the atheist to disbelieve. Each has the right to believe or to disbelieve.

Savarkar was an atheist but a Hindu be self-definition. Arun Shourie is a free thinker, perhaps an agnostic in his deepest convictions, and yet a Hindu by self-definition. [He had published a while back on the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita that revealed an agnostic's line]. Hinduism concedes the freedom to disbelieve.

Best regards
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