terror in delhi 10/29
Friday, February 03, 2006
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Here is the background of the story. There is no need for confusion, whenever Pakistan's image gets slapped around the world (by the likes of WaPo, L.A. Times, The Economist), its elites blame on India! Now brace yourself for more calls in this editorial by Najam Sethi in The Friday Times (no link):
A case in point relates to General Pervez Musharraf’s recent utterances in Davos where he wondered how the two countries which still perceive and react to each other in “enemy” terms could suddenly start trading uninhibitedly as old friends or trusted business associates. His statement was a candid reflection of the frustrating lack of progress in conflict resolution in the last two years rather than any hawkish reassertion of the traditional “enemy” status of the two sides. Yet the Indian media has distorted the import of General Musharraf’s statement by falsely suggesting that he still perceives India as an “enemy” country.
But then, the General has already put his foot in mouth by declaring again that India is still an enemy. Now it is not our fault, since the meretrecious General has done it on earlier occasions. Let's keep moving with Sethi's editorial:
A case in point is the recent suggestion by General Musharraf in an interview to an Indian channel that India should demilitarize three areas of Kashmir while he [Gen Musharraf] pulls out all the stops to uproot terrorism in these areas. This eminently sensible proposal was spurned by the Indian establishment on the ground that it was aired publicly, despite the fact stressed by General Musharraf that the proposal was forwarded by Pakistan months earlier in secret negotiations between the two sides. Once again, however, the Indian media has bought the Indian establishment’s charge hook, line and sinker and blacked out the true import of General Musharraf’s initiative.
Now after our fisking of this ridiculous interview, it looks like it is Mr. Sethi who is toeing the establishment line. Dude, I have got a simple question for you, the General has said the terrorists groups operating in Kashmir are indigenous with no support from the Pak. Army. If that is the case, how can he reign in against these groups. The whinefest continues:
Similarly, the Indian media must have the courage to ascertain the true facts of the situation and take issue with the Indian establishment where necessary. Certainly, it must not pander to public pride and prejudice, let alone mislead it at the foreign policy establishment’s behest. Why are India’s renowned journalists and editors so acquiescent? Why is there no debate in the India media about the intrinsic merits of General Musharraf’s pragmatic proposals? Why is the Indian media carping about “infiltration” when it knows damned well that it has shrunk to negligible proportions and that, in any case, no preconditions can be set to the dialogue.
ROTFL! After having lost the sense of being in a functioning democracy, Mr Sethi now wants to go against peoples wishes. Not possibe Sir, this ain't no banana republic. Unlike the Indian public's "misguided pride" the Pakistanis are enlightenly moderate. We had already debunked the reduction in "infiltration" theory. Let's wait till Spring when the snow melts.
India’s dream of conquering new markets and flexing its economic muscle is threatened by bureaucratic blinkers and political cowardice. Therefore India’s journalists and businessmen must demonstrate vision and show the political way forward.
If calling the responsibility of politicians to answer people's wishes is called 'political cowardice' then so be it. Indian Parliament has passed a law which declares J&K as part of India. It cannot be changed without the approval of people. Period. That's how democracy works. BTW, Indian business is doing pretty well even without doing business with Pakistan. We invite the reader to read this excellent piece by Arindam Banerjee with shows that India can fight Pakistan and its piglet minions even while maintaining economic growth. Voila the truth behind 'liberal' Pakistani media elites. All they want is more concessions from India to Gen. Musharraf's frivolous proposals. The sad part is there are useful idiots in Indian media to echo these thoughts.
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