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Sunday, February 12, 2006
  Nuclear Numbers

Nuclear Weapons Estimate:

Number of U.S. nuclear weapons tests, 1945-1992: 1,030 [1]

Number of U.S. Navy nuclear propulsion reactors: 129 [1]

Number of estimated U.S. warheads: 10,600 (of which 7,982 deployed) [1]

Number of estimated Chinese warheads: 400 [2]

Number of estimated Indian warheads: 35-40 [3]

Nuclear Power Generation:

Number of operating U.S. power reactors: 104 [4, 11]

Number of operating U.S. test and research reactors: 36 [12]

Total number of Indian reactors: 23 (15 operating + 8 under construction) [5]

Installed U.S. nuclear power capacity: 105,560 MW [6]

Installed Chinese nuclear power capacity: 9,130 MW [15]

Installed Indian nuclear power capacity: 3,310 MW [7]

Planned U.S. fossil fuel-based power capacity 2005-09: 90,893 MW [6]

Planned U.S. nuclear power capacity 2005-09: 0 MW [6]

Planned Indian nuclear power (Uranium-based) capacity 2005-09: 3,420 MW [7]

Planned Chinese nuclear power (Uranium-based) capacity 2006-20: 40,000 MW [14]

International market price of Uranium ore (U3O8) in 2003: $10.75/lb [13]

International market price of Uranium ore (U3O8) in 2006: $37.50/lb [13]

Percentage of Uranium reserves available in India: 0.8 [16]

Percentage of Thorium reserves available in India: 25 [17]

IAEA Safeguards:

Number of U.S. nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards: 4 [8]

Percentage of U.S. nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards: 2.85% (4 upon 140) [8, 11, 12]

Number of Chinese nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards: 2 [9]

Number of Indian nuclear reactors already under IAEA safeguards: 4 [5]

Percentage of Indian nuclear reactors under IAEA safeguards: 26% (4 upon 15) [5]

Number of Nuclear Weapons States (NWS) nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards: 15 [10]

Number of non-NWS nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards: 1023 [10]


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Extremely informative. Useful information.
Thanks Jaffna. Use them freely in your posts.
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