terror in delhi 10/29
Thursday, February 23, 2006
  NY Times on Musharraf's 'Other' War
The New York Times editorializes on the military aggression of the Meretricious Army against the Balochis freedom fighters:
If the Bush administration is wondering why the Pakistani Army has been losing the war against Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in the northwestern frontier, it may want to look south. Pakistan's military ruler, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, has increasingly been diverting his armed forces to quell a growing insurgency in Baluchistan, the gas-rich province that borders Iran and the Arabian Sea. ...

But it would behoove President Bush, while preparing to visit Pakistan next month, to encourage Mr. Musharraf to endorse, as a first step, an agreement reached last year between a Baluch tribal leader and some members of Parliament. The pact would give Baluchistan increased autonomy.

The Musharraf army has been largely equipped by the United States. Just as America's image was helped in the region when American Chinook helicopters flew over Kashmir to give aid to that Pakistani province after the major earthquake last October, so, too, is that image damaged when American-supplied Cobra helicopters and F-16's attack civilians in Baluchistan. That's no way to win the hearts and minds of anyone.

This exactly echoes our thoughts written more than a month ago. President Bush should insist on the Punjabi dominated regime that all 'outstanding' issues including the 'core' issue of autonomy/self-determination to the Baloch minority should be discussed though a comprehensive 'peace' dialogue and scale down the dangerous 'escalation' of violence in an already unstable part of the world (bordering Afghanistan and Iran).

Related thoughts from Selig Harrison of the Washington Post. Background information on Balochistan.

India is the only country in the world that took a bold stand when she “expressed concern” over the crisis in Balochistan. The Muslim Punjabi dominated Pakistan's armed forces have systematically targeted to massacre innocent Baloch children, women and senior citizens, many among them were Hindu Baloch.

Why is the world turning a blind eye towards Pakistan? Is it because President Bush declared Pakistan as a front line state to fight his war against terrorism? Does the following actions by the Pakistani military apparatus justify giving them a free reign to rule a country?

1. Islamic militants trained in Pakistan to terrorize Kashmir;
2. Taleban and Al Qaeda hiding in Pakistan with support from ISI and taking pock shots at the Americans in Afghanistan;
3. Using military might to conduct ethnic cleansing of Baloch from their ancestral grounds; and
4. Suppressing democratic aspirations of its citizens by imposing a military dictatorship.

The conscientious citizens of this world have to wake up from their slumber and realize the dangers posed by the Pakistani military, the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization to date!

Concerned Baloch
concerned baloch:

You have raised some excellent points. We too heard the courgage by the freedom fighers when they saved many Hindu Balochis from the marauding terrorist army. We wish India does more to highlight the plight of the Baloch people.

And yes the terrorist army is allowed to have a free run by the Superpower. Hope this will not last long.

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