terror in delhi 10/29
Monday, February 13, 2006
  Weapons Haul, Cross-Border Firing, Infiltration & Terrorist Camps

Sounds familiar eh! We are not talking about Kashmiri ‘freedom fighters’ here!!

via AFP:

Afghan police seized Sunday about 700 home-made bombs being smuggled into Afghanistan from Pakistan and hidden in orange crates, the government claimed.

A range of wires and fuses was also found among the improvised explosive devices discovered in eastern Kunar province on the border with Pakistan, the Interior Ministry said.

via BBC:

Locals say US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan fired four rockets into Pakistan's tribal area after coming under fire from unknown attackers.

A US spokesman confirmed coalition forces had returned fire into Pakistan, but was not aware of casualties.

via Newsday:

Four years after the United States led the overthrow of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, a new Taliban movement has taken control in a swath of neighboring Pakistan.

Taliban militants control much of Waziristan, a rocky, mountainous area twice the size of Long Island along the Pakistani border. Despite a heavy presence of Pakistani troops, Waziristan has become the largest and most protected sanctuary for Islamic militant guerrillas in the Afghan-Pakistani theater of the "global war on terror."

U.S. military officers and Afghan officials in three neighboring provinces of Afghanistan say the infiltration of guerrillas from Waziristan has continued unabated and is the primary engine of the continued Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. Waziristan "is very important to the Taliban" as a base of operations in the Afghan-Pakistani theater, said Mike Scheuer, a former top analyst at the CIA.

via The New Republic:

The link between the Harakat ul-Mujahidin and the Taliban is telling--one example of the many connections between Pakistani militant groups and Afghanistan-based Islamic groups, including Al Qaeda. Guerrilla fighters in Kashmir and followers of Osama bin Laden consider themselves ideological brethren--soldiers of God in the same war serving on different fronts. Scores of Pakistani militants buy into the idea of global jihad espoused by bin Laden and other radical preachers. And, of course, the Pakistani government supported the Taliban. So, for the more visionary jihadis in Pakistan, the government's support of the insurgency in Kashmir became a resource easily co-opted for use in other bloody endeavors--and vice versa.

At worst, the Pakistani military is actively involved in the training of men like Tanweer and Khan. At the very least, the military rulers in Islamabad allow militants to carry on terrorist training in territories they control. Rolling Eyes Last July, a Pakistani news magazine, the Herald, reported that 13 militant camps were active around Mansehra. At the same time, the head of the Indian army, General J.J. Singh, estimated that between 2,000 and 2,500 militants were training in 53 different Pakistani camps. All of which makes Pakistan far from an innocent actor--and raises the question of how much longer we will look the other way while an ally sponsors terrorism.

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