terror in delhi 10/29
Friday, March 24, 2006
  Bugger Me Dead!
Following our take on Dutch morality lessons on signing the NPT, now it is the time of the Australian Labour (via The Australian):
AUSTRALIAN uranium should be off-limits to any country refusing to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Kim Beazley will pledge tonight. Hardening his stance against uranium exports, the Opposition Leader will promise a future Labor government would strengthen safeguards with individual countries.
Well here is the thing Mr. Beazley, you are sitting safely down under the big nuclear umbrella of the United States under the ANZUS defense pact signed as early as 1951. Even to date, your own Ministry of Defence says that "Australia relies on the extended deterrence provided by US nuclear forces to deter the remote possibility of any nuclear attack on Australia". Well, when India asked for similar protection after the Chinese exploded their bomb in 1964 we were emphatically told 'no'. You might want to know why. We would like to remind you another thing from the past. Successive Australian governments allowed several nuclear tests by the United Kingdom as late as 1963. Even worse, the British did not divulge all the consequences of nuclear tests such as radioactive contamination when they negotiated. But then all the tests happened not in the Australian mainland but in small islands like Maralinga from where the Aboriginal inhabitants were chased away (yet again!). But many of them didn't want to leave their ancestral lands and stayed during the tests getting exposed to the toxic radioactive materials. Long after enduring the negative effects including cancer, they were compensated only in 1995. But the British carelessly left behind significant quantities of highly radioactive weapons-grade Plutonium, making parts of the islands uninhabitable for tens thousands of years. Mr. Beazley also apparently doesn't have anything to say about selling Uranium yellow cake to China - the #1 proliferator. We urge you to stop pretending to take a pseudo moral high-ground vis-a-vis us 'lesser' souls and engage in some serious diplomatic initiatives with India - whose partnership is essential to ensure maritime security west of the Malacca Straits in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).
keep up the good work !
If you insist I will bugger you.
The BS-ing will occur until Indo-Aus trade takes on significant numbers - and once the trade hits that, and hopefully if our leaders keep their wits, they'll come around.
Dayanidhi Maran, the union minister for Textiles resigns.
Information Exchange..: Dayanidhi Maran resigns from the union cabinet.
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