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Friday, March 10, 2006
  Candle Kisser on Varanasi attacks
Presenting Uber Candle Kisser™®© Prem Shankar Jha's take on the Varanasi terror attacks (we had earlier taken them to task here and here):
India may not yet be a breeding ground for terrorists brandishing the flag of Islam, but as in the rest of the world, the Muslim community here is under multiple pressures that predispose it to regarding itself as a victim of concerted attack by non-Muslims.
'multiple pressures', 'attack by kaffirs', why is that so? After all, there is a 'secular' government in power both in the Centre and Uttar Pradesh (and Karnataka and Delhi), right? Per Jha, It is because of American imperialism and European cartoons. How do they concern Indian Muslims?
It is bitterly, and justifiably, angry with the US for its invasion of Iraq and the consequent deaths of more than a hundred thousand Iraqis. It is acutely aware of the way that the US and the Europeans have ganged up on Iran and are pushing it relentlessly towards a confrontation that can only lead to war, more deaths and another spurt in international terrorism. It cannot have failed to notice that the very same countries that do not hesitate to spread democracy by the sword spurn it when it yields results, as in Palestine, that do not fit into their master plan for the universe. And they can hardly have failed to notice the broad current of anti-Islamism in Europe that was laid bare by the controversy over the Danish cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. Regrettably, they have also noticed that the Congress-led government, for all of its secular pretensions, has kept an unusually low profile over all of these issues. With the possible exception of the former foreign minister K Natwar Singh, not one leader has expressed distress or sympathy for the Iraqis in their present plight. India has joined the US and the UK in putting pressure on Iran; and it has said not even a single word in opposition to the US-Israeli plan to starve Hamas out of power, let alone promised it any help.
But then, India did not support the Iraq war, nor does it advocate a war against Iran. It voted against Iran in alignment with its principle of non-proliferation. None of the Indian papers published the Danish cartoons so there is little chance of Indian Muslims seeing these cartoons (unless they purposefully searched for it in the Internet). And Natwar Singh during his disastrous tenure as Foreign Minister feigned sympathies for Iraqis because his backsheesh route known as the Oil-For-Food got cut-off. How can India support Hamas and the loony Iranian President when they openly call for Israel's destruction. Israel is a good friend of India which supplied critical toys for our boys during the Kargil War in record time. Does Jha think India can benefit from some Qassam technology? Foreign policies should be based on national interests - no communal BS here. So what does Mr. Jha wants from GoI:
Add to all this their inbred feeling of insecurity, the difficulty they experience in finding jobs, the higher-than-national-average rates of unemployment among Muslim youth, and their growing under-representation in India's new middle class, and one cannot but wonder how much longer the peace will last.
Aaah - the famous root cause arguement? Poverty, unemployment et al. exist among all communities. Do we know if any/all poor people turn to terrorism? Jha himself responds to the very same question:
Swami's articles also showed that the Indian recruits were mainly from the middle and lower middle classes and were educated. They were, in short, from the same type of background as the 9/11 and the London July 7 suicide bombers.
So they are from middle class with decent jobs just as we noted, not your poor Abdul. So what's the solution he is talking:
The government of the third largest Muslim country in the world must do much more.
Very enlightening. Note the absence of any mention of our friendly neighboring terrorist state(s?). It is another thing to note that Jha doesn't utter ONE SINGLE WORD on Hindu religious sentiments - for they don't exist for secular fundamentalists. Candle Kissers™®© never cease to amaze us, previously from their unrelenting admiration for Herr Meretricious to this Jeanne d' Arc attitude - it is they who know the best to analyze and rationalize any Islamist terrorist action as due to some perceived injustices/policy disagreements. Let's be honest - we don't know what kind of enemy we are facing, this needs a comprehensive study by dedicated experts and some serious a**-kicking by counter-terror forces. But to deflect the causes of terrorism on each and every thing happening around the world for no fault of ours is highly misleading. The Candle Kisser Brigade is exactly doing that.
CN, its the same bullcrap that goes in the root-cause-for-naxalism.
The only difference is the threat of Islamic terror is both internal and external(and the naxal threat almost ignored by the media).

The "naxal" threat is mostly internal.

Had linked to a report on Naxalism y'day, showing up their brutality.

As I had ranted elsewhere, I go livid everytime a moron exclaims someone on earth who they havent even seen, much less known causes more heartburn than their neighbour being butchered.

And that "Muslim World" argument is absolute bollocks.
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Cynical Nerd,

I had typos in the earlier post. Hence the repeat comment.

This is a superb critique of Prem Shankar Jha. I liked the deconstruction of the big (English language) media in the other post as well. The English language print media in India refuses to give space to Hinduism in the public domain except to demonize it. Hence it is part of the problem, one that explains in part the emergence of the Hindu right.

Terrorist attacks on sites of Hindu sentiment do not matter to them except as a law and order problem. Let us not forget that the Delhi attack was also an attack on Hinduism. It took place on the Deepavali weekend.

I repeatedly witness the self-hating double standards. Too many of the "secularist intellectuals" had much more to croon on the “highly offensive and bigoted nature” of the Mohamed cartoons repeatedly accusing the Danish editors of "bigotry" than the events in Delhi or Benares. Let us not forget that the Islamist demonstrations against Bush in Lucknow quickly turned anti-Hindu as well. Four died.

The difference in media coverage epitomizes a cognitive defect and would ensure the eventual inability of the Indian English language media to shape public opinion.

This cognitive glitch, or rather intellectual mediocrity, explains the big media in India and its Macaulayist class for you. The contrast with the Economist in London, the Le Monde in Paris or the Washington Post in DC can not be more profound. Neither Prem Shankar Jha nor N. Ram influence the public in their respective states. It is just a heightened ideological stridency that gets increasingly disconnected from ground reality. The contrast with the nationalist intellectual in China stands out.

And secularism to that extent will lose out. Not that it is irrelevant to India already. Just witness the Congress Party’s need to galvanize vote through populist actions that are likely to be over turned by the courts.
Bangaloreguy: The more accurate term is "Islamist terror" or in some cases "PakIslamist terror". Your link exposes terrorist brutality - no surprises here, but wait for Arundirty Boy come in their defense.

Jaffna: Thanks again for your kind words. The Big Media time and again fail to address the genuine issues facing a majority of Indians. Even a 'secular' national security issues like largescale Bangladesh migration are hush-hushed - no wonder the hard right is gaining popularity.

One hope can be radio talk shows in local languages - blogs are too limited in readership, hope the won't taken over by psecs as well.

In fact I would say Le Monde too is an establishment piece - its readership levels is pathetic (100,000) and is going down. Perhaps it is read in few diplomatic circles.

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