terror in delhi 10/29
Sunday, March 12, 2006
  Countering the Nuclear Scaremongers
The coverpage story of the recent edition of The Economist features a caricature of the famous scene from the Kubrick's apocalyptic film Dr. Strangelove. This is another attempt at blatant scaremongering by the Atlanticist lobby just as we predicted. By showing Bush as a reckless cowboy damaging non-proliferation interests, The Economist hides from adressing the real merits of the deal. We can go ahead and point out some loopholes as before:
"Instead of a virtuous anti-nuclear cycle, there is now more likely to be a vicious nuclear one. China can be expected to insist on doing for proliferation-prone Pakistan what America wants to do for India, adding to a regional arms race that has led to a cascade of proliferation in the past"
The NPT regime and the Pressler Amendment did little to prevent these countries from proliferating. It is the problem of the other responsible NPT states and the IAEA to worry about these proliferations which have now ended up in North Korea, Iran and Libya. Instead of taking them head-on, The Economist thinks that capping India's nuclear program will somehow make them realize their past sins and behave like responsible states. But to counter their biased arguements every time will only put India on the defensive. Rather, India should go on the offensive and throw more light on the cover-up operations indulged by the non-proliferation lobby when China was shipping bomb designs, weapons grade Pu and ring magnets in the 80s and 90s. Despite that, the United States went ahead and signed a nuclear co-operation deal with China with no fissile material cut-off and even lesser safeguards offered by India. It is time to go on the offensive and spread this message far and wide.
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