terror in delhi 10/29
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
  Fatwa du jour via The Times of India:
Other terrorist groups which operate in India, such as Jaish-e-Mohammed (Army of Mohammed), Lashkar-e-Taiba (Army of the Righteous) are named after the Prophet and seek to draw their legitimacy from the divine connect. Names like Qahar and Rashid are among the 99 different ways of addressing the Prophet. Maulana Mastan Ali, director of Jamiat-ul Mominath – one of the largest seminaries in south India – who issued a fatwa on Sunday on using the Prophet's name, said: "If they (jehadis) can't shun the path of violence, they must at least drop the names so that the entire Muslim community is not blamed."
Whoa. So is it alright if some outfit named say Lashkar-e-Kufr (Army of the Infidels) to continue to cause terrorist attacks without using his prophet's name??  
Cynical Nerd,

I think that you are being too harsh on Maulana Mastan Ali. His point was that violent Islamist groups had no right to appropriate the 99 designations of Mohammed.

To read into that statement that he condoned violence by other Islamist groups that chose not to use such a designation is unfair.

As I mentioned before, we need to engage with individuals such as Mastan Ali, Shaista Ambar (I think that I have mispelled their names) etc. They are far preferable to the likes of deracinated hopeless Marxist Hindus such as Barkha Dutta, Sarmila Bose, Meera Nanda and Brinda Karat.

Best regards

May be I am. But the way I read it is, he is concerned more about the use of the M-word by terrorist groups rather than find ways to discredit the virulent Islamist ideology itself. After all, he cannot do anything when terrorists like Mohammed Atta, Khalid Sheik Mohammed also carry his prophet's name.

Yes, there should definitely be a dialog and debate and ultimately a political solution.

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