terror in delhi 10/29
Friday, March 03, 2006
  Ignorance Is Bliss
via The New York Times:

Rajesh Kumar, 42, a marketing and sales executive for an Indian airline, said he was cynical about how India would benefit from the nuclear agreement.

"It's just a balloon of air, designed to pump up India's ego," he said. "People are still fighting for their bread and butter here. This won't solve anything." He added, "America wants to dominate the world."

This probably explains the quality of the state-run airlines.

The nuclear deal did not impress Sidharth Jain, 19, a computer engineering student, either. "The deal doesn't matter to us much," he said. "I don't think anyone really understands what it means." But he was hopeful that improved ties with the United States might make it easier for him to go to a university there.

Wishing this student the very best in life.

Cynical Nerd:

I've just posted a comment on Nitin's site about a fairly explosive report by K.P. Nayar in The Telegraph on promises apparently made by the GOI to America. To wit, the GOI has apparently promised--on the side, in an 'unstated clause'--that all future breeder reactors will be classified as civilian and that any further expansion of military sites will be restricted to existing sites only.

I would be interested in your take on it, as well as if you have run across other reports confirming Mr. Nayar's account.

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Kumar: Interesting piece. I really doubt if the ‘unstated clause’ will go unnoticed - the deal is going to be ripped open in India - and more so in the US will live television coverage! I don’t think there are any limtits on building future ones - as long as all the components are sourced locally (like India always did). The new deal is only about selling civil nuclear reactors.

More later.

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Jaffna: The reports I saw say that India will have a choice of deciding on the classification - AFAIK the deal is only about present reactors and future *imported* reactors. The NP ayatollahs too were complaining about the same thing.
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Cynical Nerd, Jaffna:

I do hope the deal is analyzed closely by the Indian electorate, especially the Opposition parties. I too am inclined to think that Mr. Nayar may have gotten it wrong, given the lack of other corroborating reports. If the American and Indian govt's public account of the deal is indeed accurate I am inclined to support it.

is it any wonder that its the NY times that uses such people's opinions in its reports?
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