terror in delhi 10/29
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
  N-deal: Prime Minister's Statement
No surprises here. We don't find anything objectionable. Read the entire thing. Meanwhile, like we said the non-proliferation ayatollahs have been busy: read their pieces here and here. Also check out this latest scaremongering about India's missile program. For their part, anti-nuclear NGOs too are have started campaigning against the deal. Finally, read The Acorn's take on the latest bile from the Atlanticist mouthpiece.
The arms control (Idiots) association's article is plain stupid.

If someone believes it, and is in a post of the state/power, its stupid.

It needs some fisking.

The rest are just same old bullshit by the same old actors - Ed Markey, Petrovich(I think) etc.,
bangalore guy: Please do the honors on the arms control article.
Yep, planning to.
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Cynical Nerd:

It looks like K.P. Nayar may be on to something in writing about various 'informal understandings' in the nuclear power accord. K. Subrahmanya, of the Deccan Herald, writes much the same thing: The GOI, apparently, has agreed informally to classify all future fast breeder reactors as civilian, and so under safeguards.

As well, Brajesh Mishra--while welcoming the agreement--told CNBC (India) that the deal caps Indian fissile material capability. He did not identify the manner in which that would be done. I wonder if he might be referring to this 'informal understanding'.

In any case, I am looking forward to the GOI's detailed explanation of this deal.
Kumar: Thanks for the link. KP Nayar this time talks about "informal" agreement on FBR. Well he should be having some "insider" information.

Apart from the existing 2, DAE is planning to build 4 more FBR in Kalpakkam - I don'think any of these will come under safeguards - the entire IGCAR facility will indeed be off-limits. 8 PHWR + 6 FBR means a "cap" in our weapons grade Pu ;-)

Brijesh Mishra serves a useful purpose of showing 'domestic dissent' for the sake of public consumption.

CN, are you aware of what the significance of the 8 scientific institutions classified as civil?
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