terror in delhi 10/29
Thursday, March 02, 2006
  When Sinners Preach About Salvation
Via Reuters:
China urged India to abandon nuclear weapons and strengthen atomic safeguards as President George W. Bush and the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sealed a controversial nuclear pact on Thursday.

India should sign the NPT and also dismantle its nuclear weapons, a spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry, Qin Gang, told a news briefing in Beijing.

"As a signatory country, China hopes non-signatory countries will join it as soon as possible as non-nuclear weapon states, thereby contributing to strengthening the international non-proliferation regime," he said.

Qin said current international safeguards on nuclear weapons were the hard-won product of many countries' efforts and should not be weakened by exceptions.

A sample of past and present sins. And this should show the mandarins their place:
The U.N. nuclear watchdog welcomed a landmark civil nuclear deal between India and the United States on Thursday, saying it would end New Delhi's nuclear isolation and spur global non-proliferation efforts. the support of Mohammed ElBaradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Authority, gives the deal an important seal of approval. ElBaradei said the deal would help satisfy India's growing energy needs. Burns said Russia and European allies had already indicated that they would support the deal, which will be worth billions of dollars to U.S. firms that provide nuclear technology to India. "So we do expect broad scale international support," he said.
CN: good stuff. The preaching is quite muted for folks who threaten missile attacks on their "renegade province". Seems they've reconciled themselves to reality.

We should have seen the Pak-China thing coming. Pak's state-craft (if it can be called that) is infantile. Note to Pak: China will be vying with the US to be India's biggest trading partner. Guess which relationship China will value more.

we should remind the Chinese about the NPT's main pledge, especially of the "Nuclear weapon states" :

a) "to work for global disarmament"

b) "to stop proliferation"

while we ask them to shut their nuke taps to Pakistan, we should also ask them to chuck all their nukes.

One of the things that I hate about foreign policy mandarins is their reluctance to use carrot and stick policy vis-a-vis the bigger powers.
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